All Geared Lathe Machines

These are all-inclusive sophisticated turning machines, which are made of superior and rigid casting and incorporate high-end mechanisms to provide stable, accurate and high quality machining. Gujarat Lathe an all geared lathe machine manufacturer is highly resourceful and applies state-of-the-art technologies and finest expertise to perform this intricate work with the highest level of precision and efficiency. Thus, we have to adhere to stringent quality control measures to be able to produce such an intricate and highly evolved machine for metal cutting.

The complex architecture of all geared lathes is hinged on the nature of application it is intended for. Primarily they are constituted of headstock, tailstock, carriage and bed. Our 4310 series models upwards are manufactured with a planar type bed in order to provide more stability, balance and accuracy of work. All geared lathe machines in India is very popular and we manufacture a wide range for catering to the sweeping gamut of industrial manufacturing and production requirements. Our lathe sizes range from a center height of 175mm up to 700mm and our turning lengths go as high as 7 meters.

All geared lathe machines manufactured by Gujarat Lathe have cutting-edge headstock accommodating the spindle, which facilitates in controlling the speed alteration mechanism. Our headstock gears are hardened and ground. It should be noted that without the support of a robust headstock aggressive cutting forces can distort the quality of a work piece, hence we ensure a very capable headstock, which can withstand high cutting forces and take large cuts easily. Similarly spindle, bed, carriage, lead screws, tailstock, tool posts and other integral features are designed to coordinate with each other in order to create an excellent lathe for superior metal cutting.